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Options & accessories for the servo press system

Options & accessories for the TOX®-ElectricPowerDrive

Safety brake

Essential safety accessory: All TOX®-ElectricDrives (except type EXe-F) can be equipped with a safety brake.The safety brake stops the drive in case of a malfunction. Important especially for heavy tools. 

Motor holding brake

In case of a currentless stop of the system, a safety rod catcher prevents the working piston from dropping. This protects the drive, tools and piece parts in the machine against damage. The motor holding brake is optionally available for the drives EQe and EXe.

Cooling fan

The servo drives type EXe can be equipped with a fan on request. It cools down the motor to enable higher power density and thus higher cycle times.

Lubrication Unit EZ-K

The lubrication unit feeds the drive with the right amount of grease. It is optionally available for the drives EQe and EXe.

Force sensor / piezo sensor

If required, an external force sensor can be integrated.

Travel measuring system

An external travel sensor determines the absolute position of a workpiece. It is independent of the system bending up.

Options & accessories for the drive system


Ideal extension for your servo press system. The TOX®-HMI-Panel is available as 13.3" or 21" as well as 10.1" handheld version for installing the TOX®-Software.

  • Powerful PC hardware (no other hardware required)
  • Sturdy industrial design with IP54
  • Can be used upright as well as horizontally
  • VESA bores (except for 10.0" handheld)
Grease press ZFP

A must have for a long life: The manual grease press ZFP.

Special grease ZFE

Especially developed for TOX®-ElectricDrives: Special grease ZFE in a 400 g cartridge.

Calibration equipment ZKE

For the re-calibration of the TOX®-ElectricDrives. Includes: Precision force sensor, connection cable, digital display unit (handheld), power supply, factory calibration report, manual, software and transport case.

Press frame

Frames of various sizes designed for different maximum press forces. Available as C-frame (e.g. CMB, PC) or as 4-column frame.


Le clinchage est une technique d'assemblage à froid de tôles ou d'autres matériaux sans boulons, rivets ni adhésifs.
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Il existe de nombreuses applications pour les TOX®-Pinces, bâtis de presse et presses
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Pour l'enfoncement et le montage de bagues et de roulements, nous produisons des assemblages d'enfoncement précis
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Insertion d'attaches
Solutions système complètes pour l'insertion d'éléments fonctionnels
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Vous devez marquer vos produits ? Vous devez garder une pièce pour une tâche ultérieure ?
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Nous vous proposons des produits standardisés mais particulièrement flexibles pour les opérations de rivetage, de sertissage, d'évasement...
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Disponibles pour le traitement de tôles, de plastiques, de cartons, de textiles ou de feuilles
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